Solutions for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. PNY’s leading-edge products deliver tailored AI solutions for a broad range of science and industries.


    NVIDIA DGX-1 delivers industry-leading performance for AI at scale. Experiment faster, train larger models, and get insights starting on day one. Now offered with NVIDIA Volta™.


    Designed for your office environment, it’s built on the same software stack powering NVIDIA DGX-1™, for easy experimentation, from your desk to the data center.


    PU servers are High-Performance Computer powered with NVIDIA Tesla cards and designed for Artificial Intelligence. PNY GPU Server provide high precision, reliability and performance.


High performance computing by NVIDIA Tesla and NVIDIA Quadro. AI, photo realistic rendering, simulation, and VR are transforming professional workflows.

    Embedded AI

    Get real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) performance where you need it most with the high-performance, low-power NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

    PURE Flashblade

    FlashBlade is designed for speed and the dynamic data challenges of the cloud era. Explore FlashBlade for elastic scale out, workflow, and more.

    AIRI (AI-Ready Infrastructure)

    AIRI™ is the industry’s first complete AI-ready infrastructure, architected by Pure Storage® and NVIDIA® to extend the power of NVIDIA® DGX™ systems.